Zipcharge Quick Charger – 4X Faster Than Any Other Regular Gadget Charger

Zipcharge Quick ChargerWe all know that many portable gadgets nowadays simply rely on handy chargers and if you don’t have one, those gizmos will be useless. Well, not anymore because with Zipcharge Quick Charger now you can juice up almost any type of gadgets in just a matter of minutes or you can put it this way, enjoy longer hours of phone, iPod and camera use with just a minute of charging, in short, that’s 4X fast charging than those regular chargers you may have and the result? Well, ZipCharge Quick Charger is simply amazing, thanks to its latest charging technology created behind the world’s 1st wind-up radios by Freeplay.

ZipCharge Quick Charger can perform 60 seconds charging time of your mobile phone for additional 15 minutes of talk time or 8 hours of standby time, 2 hours of playtime in your iPods, capture 80 pictures on your camera or 1hour and 20 minutes of extra talk time for your 2-way-radios or allow ZipCharge Quick Charger to perform a 15 minutes charging to your mobile phone and iPod for a whooping full charge. Can your charger handle that zippingly fast charging idea? Let’s find out below..

– £49.99 at firebox