Your Wine Cork Lazy Susan – preserves over 300 wine corks from favorite vintages you’ve imbibed over the years

Got lots of cork at home that you want to preserve? How about allowing your fellow connoisseur of wines to admire your collection of wine corks with this unique Lazy Susan? (Available Here for only $149.95)

Ideal for hosting wine tastings or simply showing your guest that you love to preserve wine corks you’ve drunk over the years, this uniquely designed lazy susan will be your perfect answer.

Wine Cork Lazy Susan

Your Wine Cork Lazy Susan

Over 300 wine corks are presented in thick and clear plexiglass, this generously sized tray is capable of spinning 360 degrees, thanks to the tray’s sturdy bearings, you and your guests can easily see different corks of course without worrying about reaching across one another.

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Wine Cork Lazy Susan 2

Your Wine Cork Lazy Susan even features 8 evenly spaced feet designed to help protect your table’s surface from scratching and best of all, it is made with sturdy mahogany so you can always be sure that it will last years without any problem.

You can buy this lazy susan for only $149.95 with lifetime and satisfaction guarantee.