Xiva Musicmate 1TB Entertainment Server – Stores And Plays All Your Entertainment Files Securely

Xiva Musicmate 1TB Entertainment ServerStorage problem for all your songs, movies and photos? Not anymore! Here’s Xiva Musicmate 1TB Entertainment Server capable of storing securely all your entertainment files so you can play them anywhere and everywhere you want it plus you can even share them easily using its built-in recording technology. How does it work? Well, just plug the Xiva Musicmate 1TB Entertainment Server(no pc needed), browse your media files using your favorite browser and enjoy.

Xiva MusicmateXiva Musicmate 1TB Entertainment Server features zero configuration needed with automated backup and recording/CD burning function, automatic network sharing, full iTunes support, built-in podcast downloader, support for video UPnP streaming, network password protection and many more.

– £799.00 at advancedmp3players