X-Dream Gyroxus PS3 Gaming Chair – The Best Gaming Chair for PS3 Fanatic

X-Dream Gyroxus PS3 Gaming Chair

Can’t stop playing your favorite PS3 games? Why not find a perfect chair so you’ll even enjoy playing? Here’s X-Dream Gyroxus PS3 Gaming Chair, a revolutionary full motion, fully customizable video game control chair that perfectly fits the body shape of any game players for that maximum moving effect every time you take the action.

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X-Dream Gyroxus PS3 Gaming Chair 2

X-Dream Gyroxus PS3 Gaming Chair features a sturdy unique body design with flexible chair position and comes with a wireless PS3 controller, sensitive interface for maximum game time. Simply plug this PS3 gaming chair, no installation of drivers needed and start putting yourself in the game.

-£399.95 at boysstuff

You can also check Gyroxus model GSR-71c for $389.00 at amazon


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