Wireless Speakers – Your Stylish Wooden Finish Professional Speaker

Now you can open yourself from the frightening of rambling wires with this very professional Wireless Speakers. It allows you to wirelessly move your favorite music around the house with easiness plus it produce an admirable rock-hard and lucid sound from your Hi-Fi to iPods, MP3 players and even to your preferred game consoles.

Wireless Speakers

The Wireless Speakers features two stylish wireless speakers in a deluxe piano or wooden finish, a palm sized transmitter effective up to 100 meters and a selection of audio connectors. So start choosing from a high gloss Noir, Blanc or cool Beech and start taking your music with you.

– $125.91 at iwantoneofthose

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  1. Wireless stereo speakers operate in a relatively simple manner and are similar to a wireless computer. You will find there’s transmitter which can be a part of the audio device in your own home just like the stereo where the sound will come. A receiver set up is then put in the wireless speaker. The sound is transmitted for the speaker through the transmitter. The speaker receives the transmission and them emits the sound.^

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