Wireless Outdoor Speaker – Boost Your Outdoor Sound With CyFi Wireless Sports Speaker

CyFi Wireless Sports Speaker

Thinking of spending your time outdoor? Check the CyFi Wireless Sports Speaker, it allows you to bring with you your favorite tunes so that whatever you are doing, you’ll always have a good sound whether you’re cycling, road-hiking, camping or even boating because the CyFi Wireless Sports Speaker make it easy for you to stay tuned whatever outdoor activities you are doing.

wireless outdoor speakerCyFi Wireless Sports Speaker features an audio transmitter for plugging in your favorite music player like iPods, iTouch and iPhones, a flexible speaker so you can fixed it to your bike’s handlebars and a transmission range of up to 30 feet for that wireless cool listening. CyFi Wireless Sports Speaker is ideal for kids ages 12 years and above and charges using USB cable.

– £99.99 at iwantoneofthose