Wireless Bluetooth Headphone – The First and Only Wireless Headphone created by Bose

Is your Bluetooth Headphone capable of producing clear and crisp sound wirelessly even at its highest or lowest sound? If not then try The Bose Bluetooth Headphones [video], the first and only wireless headphone created by Bose that uses a unique TriPort technology in order to provide you with the best sound possible even while you away at 30ft. from the source.

This Bluetooth Headphone is very easy to use and can be connected easily to your favorite Bluetooth gadgets, plus it even comes with a unique equalization for that immersive sound you’ve always looking for in a Bluetooth headphone.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

This Wireless Bluetooth Headphone is also capable of pairing for up to 2 bluetooth gadgets at the same time so you can enjoy different media from your iPad while working on your latest smartphone.

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Other important features of the wireless Bluetooth headset is its auto-pause function so you don’t have to worry about answering calls while its very comfortable to use earbud cups will simply provide the owner with real comfort listening even for that long hours of music session.

This Bluetooth headset provides of up to 7 hours of battery run time or up to 200hrs. of standby. Comes with audio cable and carrying bag.

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