Windows 7 USB Flash Drive and Build a Gaming PC Guides

Been busy these past few weeks looking for some solutions on how to work around my cousin’s almost dead computer, backing up and saving important files to flash drives, messing around the hardware part like troubleshooting video cards, memory, board and sound, oh boy.. Well, to make the story short, We want to share it with you these important eBooks that we’ve found very useful so in case you encounter this kind of problem then it’ll be a big help for you guys.

These eBooks comes complete with screenshots, useful links and vids plus an easy to follow instructions written clearly so you can follow along without any pain.  Check it out!

The Windows 7 Guide - From Newbies to ProsThe Windows 7 Guide – From Newbies to Pros

What’s Inside?

system requirements
windows 7 versions
-Are We Compatible?
software compatibility
windows xp mode
32bit / 64bit compatibility
driver compatibility
-Learning the New Taskbar
a taskbar history lesson
the new taskbar layout
the new pin and jumplist features
costumizing the taskbar
-Using and Customizing Windows Aero
-Windows 7 Libraries
-Windows 7 Software
-Windows 7 Networking
-Windows 7 and Gaming
-and other important features..

*If you’re new to Windows 7, then the guides inside should help you get along nicely.

The Office Workers Guide To USB Thumb DriveThe Office Workers Guide To USB Thumb Drive

-Introduction and Technical Background
What is USB Flash Drive?
What is a memory stick used for?
-What should I know before buying a thumb drive?
transfer rate
-What type of flash drive do I need?
-Working with your USB Flash Drive
-How to keep data safe
..and other important information about Flash Drives.

*A must-have for all USB-Flash users especially if you want to keep your precious data safe and sound.

How To Build A Gaming PCHow To Build A Gaming PC

-The components of a Gaming PC
video card
power supply
Case and casemodding
-Actual building of your system
-External Computer Hardware
computer display

Very tempting aight? Go ahead, > Download and Get It! < and see if it’s worth reading. In fact, it’s very straightforward that even kids would enjoy reading it.

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