Wii Fit with Silicone Sleeve – Your Recipe Of Fitness And Fun

Now you can turn those boring exercises into a recipe of fitness and fun with this wonderful Wii Fit with Silicone Sleeve intended perfectly for anyone who loves to have fun with their love ones and enjoying extra energy all at the same time.

Wii Fit Silicone Sleeve features a Wii Fit balance board with silicone cover and game pack to be used with Wii games console. Wii Fit Silicone Sleeve also comes with 40 training exercises like earobics, snowboarding, skiing etc. ect.. Wii Fit Silicone Sleeve includes 4 double A batteries and measures only 45.5cmx29cmx4cm and can handle weight of up to 150kg.

– £69.99 at findmeagift