The WiFi Directional Booster – improves the strength and speed of a home’s wireless network easily

The WiFi Directional Booster [SOURCE] is not just perfect in improving the speed and strength of your wireless network but also allows the owner to easily setup and boost their WiFi signal, thanks to its cordless and no tortuous password installation.

The WiFi Directional Booster

WiFi Directional Booster

With WiFi Directional Booster, just place it under your existing router and start enjoying speed you’ve always longing for even you are in the area of your home that would otherwise be out of range.

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The WiFi Directional Booster 1

This WiFi booster works by operating like a directional antenna and features a 7-layer wifi technology signal capable of increasing a wireless internet signal coverage by up to 50 percent, perfect for improving and increasing a home’s wireless network total reception and best of all, it lessens the buffering time and eliminates the broken hiccups of streaming content.

The Cordless WiFi Booster can accommodate routers of up to 10 inches wide and almost any router extenders and because this strength and speed improving wifi booster doesn’t need any power, simply install and forget and you’re good to go.

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