Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt – Your Hi-Tech Wi-Fi Detection Garment

Searching for Wi-Fi connections? Here’s a unique gadget or should I say a hi-tech garment that lets you know when you are in a Wi-Fi zone by graphically displaying the Wi-Fi connections hanging around the area.

Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt

Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt features a wear it anywhere T-Shirt that displays a glowing bars on the front of the shirt that animatedly changes as the signal power fluctuates. The Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt is also capable of showing strengths of 802.11b or 802.11g and uses a battery pack that is hidden in the edge of the shirt. How does it work? Well, you don’t have to open your laptop or cheat with your PDA to look for nearby Wi-Fi connections, Just switch on and start scanning.

– $30.60 at firebox