Is your power outlet water resistant? If not then you better check this cool new power outlet device called Wet Circuit Water Resistant Power Strip designed uniquely in order to protect you, your kids and your pet safely even when this power strip is in contact with water.

Wet Circuit Water Resistant Power Strip also features a built-in circuit breaker for overheat and overloading protection and if you are worrying about constant sparkling every time you plug in something, well with Wet Circuit, it does not just discontinue electric power flow if it reaches the utmost Fahrenheit but also gets rid of sparkling effects because power is only provided if it is fully inserted to the outlet properly.
Wet Circuit Water Resistant Power StripNo more danger with Wet Circuit Water Resistant Power Strip and at the same time you will have not just sturdy outlet always ready to use but at the same time long lasting life span for the outlet itself compared to ordinary power strips out there. You can check how Wet Circuit works at YouTube and find out other information too.

-$69.99 at thinkgeek