Waring PC100 Electric Wine Chiller – a professionally engineered table-top wine chiller

Electric Wine Chiller? This proficiently engineered wine chiller could be your answer. Introducing Waring PC100 Electric Wine Chiller, a stylishly designed table top wine chiller created to make serving wine easily at of course at their accurate temperature to ensure you’ll get the best possible wine flavor every time.

With Waring PC100 Electric Wine Chiller, now you can serve fine wines to your guests, families or even yourself easily, thanks to its professionally designed chiller, thermo-electric peltier module and cpu-controlled feature, great tasting wines whether it is red wine, white, champagne and other varieties will be served in perfect temperature.

Waring PC100 Electric Wine Chiller

This Electric Wine Chiller has an ample chilling chamber so accommodating almost any type of wine bottle will not be a problem. Thanks also to its cool LCD screen, reading important information can now be seen before serving.

A must-have for every wine lovers out there, this Waring professional wine chiller even comes with a 1-year limited warranty just to satisfy your craving of creating a perfectly chilled wines every time.

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