Warcraft Steins – The best Stein for your Hot and Cold beverages

Warcraft Steins

Are you a Warcraft fanatic? Here’s another reason you’re gonna love it even more because even drinking your favorite hot or cold beverages, that Warcraft look and feel is definitely be  a grasp away that even in your leisure time, those night elves, dragons and even those hordes will become part of your drinking sessions.

Warcraft Steins 2

Warcraft Steins

The Warcraft Steins is a high quality hand washable stein with uniquely designed panoramic images from your favorite game World of Warcraft MMORPG.

This stein also features a bas-relief carvings exclusively designed just for you. It stands 10” tall and only weighs 3lbs, not bad for that morning or afternoon hot or cold drinking. Cheers everyone!

-$99.99 at thinkgeek