Wacom Inkling – An advanced sketching device that allows you to draw on any type of paper

No more scanning and redrawing graphic sketches in order to come up with a striking masterpieces, now you can use Wacom Inkling, an advanced sketching device that allows you to draw on paper then turn that drawing into a nice digital work of art exactly as you outline it, upload it to your PC, split it up again for some finishing touches.

Wacom Inkling

Wacom Inkling is perfect for graphic designers out there who wants to make their graphic designing a lot easier because with Wacom Inkling, you simply sketch on any paper, allow its uniquely designed pen to record all your strokes, upload to your computer and import the file to your graphic software to finilize your drawing. Sounds easy right?

Wacom Inkling is capable of creating bitmap or vector sketches plus it also features a one-click function in recording layers and best of all, this advanced graphic tool also comes with an enduring and long lasting battery life that makes drawing and sketching a lot more fun.

-£149.99 at firebox