VW Camper Van Tent – The Hippest Camp Shelter for Campers This Summer

VW Camper Van Tent is a surprisingly awesome full size 4-person VW Van imitation tent uniquely designed to give campers the hippest camp shelter possible. Wanna bet?

Why bother with boring and unadventurous tents when you can have a coolest and eye-catching camp tent? With VW Camper Van Tent, campers can lie down and have a rest comfortably or stand up inside if you don’t want to crawl around.

VW Camper Van Tent

VW Camper Van Tent

With this Camper Van Tent, campers has the option of separating the tent in 2 double sized rooms and the best thing of them all is that because it is made with the best fabric around, you can always be sure that you’re protected and sheltered fantastically.

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So what are you waiting for, let the other campers jealous about your new camp tent.

-£299.99 at firebox

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