The Virtual Reality Headset – Now you can enjoy interactive virtual adventure full of 3D environments

Experience interactive virtual adventure in full 3D when watching videos or even playing games with the Virtual Reality Headset [SOURCE].

the virtual reality headset

The Virtual Reality Headset

Simply fit a 4″ up to 6″ long smart phone right into the headset’s front, secure around your head using its included hook and loop elastic band fastener and you’re on your way to enjoying an immersive 360 degrees full 3D underwater adventure, virtual tours around Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles or even play an interactive games anytime anywhere.

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This virtual reality headset already includes a built-in headphone, a uniquely designed application for iOS and Android phones to provide the best accelerometer and a cable to provide sound enhancements.

Perfect for kids ages 14 years old and above who wants to adopt the character of underwater species, roam underwater for some treasure hunting and a lot more exciting virtual reality experiences.

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