ViewSonic PRO8200 1080p Home Theater Projector – experience high definition entertainment anytime

Designed for gamers and movie enthusiasts alike, ViewSonic Pro8200 1080p Home Theater Projector [SOURCE] is simply the best home theater projector package available to date that can perfectly provide high definition entertainment experience even to the most choosy type of home entertainment aficionado there is.

Packed with the latest and most advanced Digital Light Processing, ViewSonic Pro8200 Home Theater Projector is capable of providing real life, crisp and crystal clear images so that even those hard and fast action scenes from your favorite movies will always be entertaining.

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ViewSonic PRO8200 1080p Home Theater Projector

ViewSonic PRO8200 1080p Home Theater Projector

Unlike ordinary Full HD Projectors on the market, this 1080p home theater projector allows you to watch almost all types of high definition movie, games, sports and TV formats without worrying about scaling and distortion.

Whether you’re connecting it to your latest HD gaming consoles, blueray dvd players or receivers, its dual HDMI inputs will simply provide you with perfect audio and video quality without any degradation problem.

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ViewSonic PRO8200 1080p Home Theater Projector 2

Need to display different videos on one screen? Sure, because this home theater projector also comes with PIP and POP options so you can watch your favorite sports and at the same time play your latest video games all at the same time.

So what’s inside the box? Well, all the necessary cables like VGA, HDMI and power already included, a remote control, batteries, user guides, CD, lens cap and more.

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