VALKEE Light Therapy Earbuds – An effective light therapy earbuds designed to help lessen mood swings and lack of energy

Looking for an effective light therapy earbuds capable of channeling light thru the wearer’s ear canal going through the parts of the brain in order to positively improve the mood, energy level and compel the user’s body to sleep more? Use the Light Therapy Earbuds (SOURCE) a sleek yet sturdy and ingeniously simple one-button control light therapy earbuds packed with unique functions to help improve the wearer’s energy and alertness level.

VALKEE Light Therapy Earbuds

VALKEE Light Therapy Earbuds

The Light Therapy Earbuds uses an ergonomically re-shaped LED earbuds designed to lessen the symptoms of mood swings and lack of energy simply by using it daily for 12 minutes of exposure to the device’s built-in LED lights perfect for improving the owner’s overall wellness specially after that long travel vacation.

VALKEE Light Therapy Earbuds 1

These light therapy earbuds has a detachable headset and doesn’t require a pc and has the capability to operate for up to 2 weeks just from a single charge using its included micro-usb charger.

The Light Therapy Earbuds 2

Other cool feature includes sleek aluminum body, ultra portable, sturdy metal construction and best of all effective when it comes to improving the overall wellness.

Watch VALKEE Light Therapy Earbuds in action [HERE].