V-Beat Drumsticks – Your Virtual Drum Kit

Drummer wannabes, here’s a gadget that will let you jam along with your band mates or practice alone without using a full set of drum kits. How? Well, it really doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice, the V-Beat Drumstick will let you hit the air where the respective drums and cymbals would be if you were sitting at a traditional drum kit.

V-Beat Drumsticks

The V-Beat Drumstick features three play modes that you can choose from such as pre-style, easy go and pop academy. The V-Beat Drumsticks also comes with a connection to mp3 player and a virtual drum beats. So go ahead and start hitting the air for some snare, tom or cymbal and hi-hat action plus use that pair of foot sensor for some bass drum. Cool eh! Give it some Stick!

– £19.95 at firebox