USB VHS Converter – Converts VHS Tapes Into A Perfect Digital Format

Now is the time to empty your upper floor with that heavy, slow to rewind VHS tapes. Here’s USB VHS Converter capable of switching childhood VHS recording into a perfect digital format. How? Well, just put in that bulky tape right into the converter, press play and leave the rest to this easy to use USB gadget.

USB VHS Converter

The USB VHS Converter features an easy to use video conversion software capable of converting VHS tapes to digital files so you can view them on your PCs and other media players. The USB VHS Converter can capture video at a resolution of up to 720×576 plus it can convert videos from camcorder to PC using AV sockets. The USB VHS Converter also comes with an auto-tracking variable speed slow motion, playback and rewind and a soft touch backlit buttons.

– $273.50 at firebox