USB to IDE-SATA Combo Kit – The Ultimate Storage Device Tool for PC Geeks

You want to make use of your old hard drives? How about restoring important data on your crashed PC or take back vital information on your backup storage device? No problem, now you can easily connect your IDE, SATA or even optical disk drives like CD and DVD drives without any hustle with USB to IDE/SATA Combo Kit.

USB to IDE-SATA Combo KitWith USB to IDE/SATA Combo Kit, it allows you to connect 1.8 micro, 2.5 laptop, and 3.5 IDE/SATA and optical drives simply by connecting them on the kit’s USB2.0 port for the purpose of backing up data, recovering files and reliving the usefulness of your old hard drives.

Sounds complicated? Nope because all it takes is to connect its included USB cable from the kit to the other end of your hard drive or optical drive and you’re good to go, no more hauling and disassembling PC components anymore. Just connect and start dragging files, sounds easy aight!

USB to IDE/SATA Combo Kit supports Windows and Mac OS and also comes with power supply, splitter, drive dock and of course a USB cable.

-$29.99 at thinkgeek