USB Tape Express – Converts Audio Tape To MP3 Easily

Tape To MP3 Converter

With USB Tape Express, now you can convert your old audio files from your dusty cassette tapes and turn it into a more playable digital sound format so you can start hearing them back again or even burn and share it. Just connect the USB Tape player into your PC and allow its easy to use software transform those recordings into a perfect digital files. So what’s next? Well, it’s up to you if you want to add those converted sounds into your archives of iTune files or share it with your friends and families favorite MP3 player.

USB Tape Express features a portable design and a flexible battery or USB operated recording process plus with its built-in audio output, you can even use it to listen on your stereo, headsets or some other speaker systems. USB Tape Express also comes with an EZ Tape Converter software which you can use to guide you through the convertion process.

– £49.99 at firebox