USB Snoop Stick – The Small But Powerful Monitoring Device Capable Of Keeping PC Activities In Real Time

You want to sneak around who’s using your computer while you’re gone? Here’s USB Snoop Stick, a small but powerful monitoring device capable of keeping record of any computer activities, observing it in real time or even use it in controlling that PC remotely. So how do you do it? Well, simply plug the stick and setup the application that comes out the screen and you’re done. The next step would be easy, to start snooping, simply plug that same USB Snoop Stick to another PC with internet capability, click ‘connect and view remote activity’ and start monitoring.

USB Snoop Stick supports all browsers and web applications, watches both sides of IM communications and email access, analyze and save screenshots anytime in real time and keep up to 12 months of computer activity logs straight to your Snoop Stick. USB Snoop Stick is also capable of turning on and off internet access plus it also permit and stop user from accessing certain type of internet sites and programs.

– £74.95 at boysstuff