USB SIM Card Reader – Now You Can Be Sure That All Of Your Contacts Are Safe

Losing your mobile phone and all your contact information is frustrating, here’s a gadget that will give you peace of mind by backing up all the info on your SIM card to your PC to make sure that you always have a matched copy of all your vital contacts. The USB SIM Card Reader allows you to add, edit and manage your data, it also allows you to add or edit pin and passwords and archive any special text messages.

USB SIM Card Reader

USB SIM Card Reader features easy editing and transferring of information for safekeeping. It comes with a PC address book and phonebook and allows you to backup several SIM cards to one location. So stop worrying about losing any important data, no matter what happens to your phone or SIM, now you can be sure that all of your contacts are safe.

– $23.31 at iwantoneofthose