USB Fishquarium – Cooler than those ordinary Fish Tank out there

USB Fishquarium

USB Fishquarium is not just one of those ordinary fish tank out there because this real USB fish aquarium is so special that even those wiz geeks out there would also love to have one. Why? Well simply put it this way, it is the only fish tank that connects to USB ports, packed with other features like LED lights for illuminating your desktop, multi-function holder and an LCD screen that displays the date and time, calendar and of course that alarm clock you’ve always wanted.

This USB Fishquarium comes with gravel and some decorative plastic plants but no fishes though, a multicolor interior lights, some nature sounds, under gravel filtration system and an adjustable overhead light perfect for lighting your desktop at night. Convinced? Check it out!

-$39.99 at thinkgeek

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