USB Digital Voice Recorder – Works Just Like An Ordinary USB Stick

With USB Digital Voice Recorder, now you can record voice chitchats from your favorite speeches, get-together, project interviews or even secret conversations and transfer the recorded voice to your PC for easy listening or editing.

USB Digital Voice Recorder is capable of recording up to 4 hrs. with just a single charge, it even comes with a built-in 2GB memory space so you can store almost anything you want such as pictures, videos and audio files.

USB Digital Voice Recorder

USB Digital Voice Recorder

Other USB Digital Voice Recorder feature includes a very discreet and slim design perfect for any type of functions including those covert ones including those simple notes taking of course without distracting someone.

This voice recorder charges up when plugged into your USB port and does everything just like a normal USB stick.

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-£29.95 at gizoo