USB Classic Joystick – Now You Can Play Old and New Games using Joystick

USB Classic Joystick

USB Classic Joystick is a classically designed glossy joystick finished in black and to make it even more interesting, this USB Classic Joystick it also comes with a real wood engrave and a polished control panel with easy to use buttons plus best of all, the best thing about this classic joystick is that, it play old and new games right into your favorite personal computer.

With USB Classic Joystick, simply download your favorite old Atari games and Halo 2600, download Stella for Windows and start hitting those fire buttons. The USB Classic Joystick has a classic 8 directions and 1 button controller and is compatible with most old school consoles and arcade emulators like Vice and Mame. This joystick is hackable, meaning you can add more buttons if you want and it’s made in the USA.

-$24.99 at thinkgeek