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Ultrasone Zebrano Edition 10 Headphones – The Ultimate Gadget for Listening

Light and comfortable, this Ultrasone Zebrano Edition 10 Headphone is the ultimate gadget you can have for all your listening moment packed with everything you need like Ethiopian leather pads, hand crafted ear caps, titanium plated drivers and Kevlar cables in order to give you the best sounding headphones to date.

Ultrasone Zebrano Edition 10 also features a dominant magnet that enhances the sound pressure to whatever levels you’d like doubled with an advanced S-Logic Plus technology for that absolute tonal sensitivity so all your music will sound perfectly anytime anywhere you want it.
Ultrasone Zebrano Edition 10 comes with a nice headphone wood stand and a storage wooden box so you can bring it anywhere you want safely.

-£1799.99 at firebox