Spy Thumb Cam – Your Ultimate Chewing Gum Size Audio And Video Recorder

Here’s a chewing gum size audio and video recorder small enough to hide in about any place and position and is capable of recording of up to 4 hours per full charged. The Spy Thumb Cam records 3GP video files onto a Micro SD Card and can be played back on a computer or a mobile phone.

Ultimate SAS Spy Thumb Cam

The Ultimate SAS Spy Thumb Cam features 176×144 QCIF at 15 frames per second using 3GP Video Format with nonstop recording until memory is full or the cam is physically turned off. The Ultimate SAS Spy Thumb Cam is a great option to conventional CCTV for the times when you don’t want people to know they’re on camera.

– £98.95 at boysstuff