Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300 Wireless Gaming Headset – designed for xbox360, ps3 and mobile phones

Looking for a high quality and high performance wireless gaming headset for your xbox 360, ps3 and mobile phone? Use Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300 Wireless Gaming Headset, [SOURCE] a premium quality stereo gaming headset that allows you to enjoy your favorite games at the same time answer incoming mobile calls while playing.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300 Wireless Gaming Headset features an advanced dual band wifi radio so you can enjoy real clear sound without worrying about wireless interference plus it even features a unique EQ presets and sound expanders so gamers can enhance sound, customize audio settings and more for that ultimate gaming experience you’ve always looking for in a wireless gaming headset.

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Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300 Wireless Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300 Wireless Gaming Headset

This gaming headset comes with a huge speakers, nice ear cups and breathable mesh ear cushions for that extremely comfortable gaming experience like never before.

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Whether your chatting live or pairing it with your latest Bluetooth devices, the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300 Wireless Gaming Keyboard is simply the best wireless headset for serious gamers, chatters and sound aficionado.

Read customer review [HERE] or visit the [PRODUCT PAGE] for other important features.

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