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Turning Your Regular TV into a Smart TV

This guest article is by Monica of GetMeDigital.

A TV is just A TV right? Wrong! You have a smart phone, possibly even a smart car and now you can have your very own smart TV accomplished by the addition of an Android TV Box. The box is guaranteed to turn any ordinary, run of the mill TV into a shiny and new smart TV. But what is a smart TV? It’s not that your TV is going to look any different when it is switched off and doing nothing in the corner of the room, but when you switch that baby on you are going to notice a whole world of difference.

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By adding the Android box you have given your television a new lease of life as a giant computer screen. Basically anything that you can currently do on your computer at home you will be able to do on your TV too. You could choose to surf the web, have a showing of all of your digital family photographs or sit and read your emails on the big screen, whatever it is you can do it on the TV.

samsung smart tv

This smart little Android box is compatible with all kinds of televisions including LED’s and LCD’s as well as most other colour models. The box connects you up to the internet via either a wireless, 3G or LAN connection, which basically means that no other equipment other than the Android box is require to get you up and running. The box itself can also serve another function, working as a router for all of your other wireless equipment such as tablet PC’s, mobile phones or laptops.

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Entertainment Unlimited

With the addition of the Android box your entertainment options have just exploded. Your boring old living room has become an entertainment and media hub with a choice of entertainment options available to you both online and offline. This clever little box of tricks runs on the Android 4.0 operating system which means that you can have a myriad of web pages, and apps downloaded directly onto your television set.

You can connect with your friends through all of the usual social networking sites including Skype, Facebook and Twitter, you can watch movies over the internet, send emails and play games too, just as you can do on your home PC. Die hard gamers will also love the fact that the box comes complete with a 3D graphics processor plus 1GB of DDR3 memory – with so much memory there is plenty of room for you to store and use all of your favourite programs and games.


The Android box is also compatible with USB flash drives as well as hard disks and also TF/SD cards which will enable you to share both photographs and documents easily. You can also use a wireless mouse to navigate your way around the screen as well as using a keyboard or what they call a flying remote as your navigational tool. With full HD support and 1080/160P video output it can run even the latest versions of software that use HTML5 or Flash 10.3.


The Android box is nicely compact and will sit next to your TV without standing out or being in the way. There is also a choice of colours you can have the box in too, although it is limited to black, white or red so you can in some part match the box to the style of your room. Along with the box you get everything you need to get yourself up and running without the need to purchase any peripherals, and once installed you won’t know how you lived without it.

About the author:
As a blogger Monica connects to the internet from a variety of sources, including through her TV. To get the best possible image she sought out professional TV aerial installation to ensure that she was up and running for all new technologies, just like the services from Get Me Digital do.