Tunebug Vibe iPhone Speaker – Your Handy Sound Generator

Can’t play your favorite tunes anywhere because you don’t have an easy to carry yet perfect enough for song jamming speaker? Stop mourning, here’s a unique solution to your soul’s sound craving. Check the Tunebug Vibe iPhone Speaker, a handy sound generator capable of giving you immeasurable sound right in your very own hand for up to 5hrs. of nonstop sound playing. Simply attach your iPhone or any other music player you may have and enjoy.

Tunebug Vibe iPhone Speaker features an original surface sound technology that allows sound waves to pass thru surfaces turning it into a unique speaker. The Tunebug Vibe comes complete with all the necessary tools like charging and audio cables, a LiPoly 450mAH battery and a sturdy sound base case.

– $69.99 at thinkgeek