Tubular Portable MP3 Players – 5 Coolest Portable MP3 Players Packed With Imaginative Design And Concept

It’s always cool to see some modern portable mp3 players that not only provides incomparable design but also comes with highly practical interface perfect for people who are looking for some transformation not just on their personal attitudes but also with their favorite gadgets. Check the lists below and see if you can find what’s best for you.

Musipen MP3 Player

This portable and practical mp3 player features not just its cylindrical form but also offers a very simple twist and slide function so you can navigate around the menus easily.

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Sony NWZ-B135 MP3 Player

Its tiny and shiny feature makes this portable mp3 player fits directly into your pocket and is perfect for people are who always on the go. It comes with a cool power illuminator, 2GB memory, audio equalizer and a 3 line color LCD display.

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Mp3 Player Style Tube Tunes

With its innovative design and smooth function, this tube style portable mp3 player also comes with a built-in FM radio and recording with multi language display and harmonized lyrics.

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Leeds Cairo MP3 Player

Cairo’s customizable printed function makes it a perfect portable mp3 player for students who wants to have something different just to keep them busy on their way to their early classes.

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This fabulous portable mp3 player features an integral G-sensor and fitness function with water resistant aluminum casing. It also comes with 1GB flash memory, FM tuner, an organic EL display and a high speed charging function.

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