Treasure Seekers Sandal – The Best Metal Detector Ideal For Treasure Hunters

Best Metal Detector

Thinking of doing some treasure hunting this summer? Why not, check this Treasure Seekers Sandal, an easy to use metal detector that shakes or toot when metal is spotted under. Simply strap the black plastic detector pack to your ankle using its included stretchable band and start your usual and comfortable beach walking. No more digging eh!

Treasure Seekers Sandal comes with 3 LEDs, green for normal, yellow for something that might be worth mining and red for that ‘bingo’ thing. So what are you waiting for? Start scooping dude! Treasure Seekers Sandals is ideal for kids ages 12 and above and uses one 9V battery.

– £39.99 at iwantoneofthose

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  1. I have in my opinon the very best accessory ever thought of for a metal detector.I beleve that it is muli millon
    doller idea.With my invention you will be able to run the biggest loops on the market with little or no arm strain,
    and double the coverage of all metal detectors,and do all this with your own mobile shade,with a device I made
    that wieghs less than 8 lbs.

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