Transformers Ultimate Optimus Prime – The first collectible transformer figure from the movie Transformer 3

You want to see how the defender of the earth transform into an awesomely designed truck? How about blasting away attackers with some super canons and other super cool weapons? Or even lead other autobots to protect earth’s population? Now you can with the Ultimate Optimus Prime collectible figure, the first edition transformer figure from the movie Transformer 3.

Transformers Ultimate Optimus Prime

Transformers Ultimate Optimus Prime is the most authoritative fighter figure you can have right now and if you’re a robot collector, now is your chance to get this fully packed transformer figure because it comes with everything you need like converting and flipping the figure in order to transform into diferent modes or simply use its latest weapon system in order to be unstoppable in every battle with your co-robot fanatics.

This collectible figure from the movie Transformer 3 features a nice and glowing weapons, a nice blasting sounds, some cool armors and canons and best of all, its uniquely designed and colorful construction will simply make kids from ages 5 and above can’t miss rolling right into the next battle adventure. What are you waiting for, grab one now and start depending earth’s populace.

-£74.99 at iwantoneofthose