Top Kindle Fire Game Apps That Are Free To Download at Amazon

Looking for top free games that you can easily download and play for your Kindle Fire gadget? Check these top new game apps at Amazon: Astral Plaque, Blood and Glory and Drag Racing games that will surely turn your kindle fire into a gaming gadget all without worrying about extra cost. Don’t know how to download and install these free apps? Check our guides below!

How to download apps on to a kindle fire

what you need before you start downloading those free apps?
1. amazon account (it’s free to register, just go to
2. tap the apps button right above your kindle fire’s home screen
3. hit store on the upper right hand corner

* on the kindle fire’s app store screen, you’ll see top paid apps and games and since you want to install only free apps and games, you’ll need to:

a. search on free app games by tapping the search box above, or
b. scroll down right on the kindle apps home screen to find those free apps and games

4. tap on the app you want to download
5. tap -get app and wait till it’s done downloading
6. tap open to start playing.

Sounds easy aight! Enjoy!

Astral Plague

If you love spaceship blasting then the Astral Plague is the way to go. This classic top-down shooter and tower defense game is just perfect if you want to test your tactical skills and mind responses simply by zapping aliens out in order to defend humanity from devastation.

drag racingDrag Racing

Hmm, so you really want to turn your kindle fire into a gaming gadget? Fine, check this drag racing game where you can select up to 50 different racing cars complete with cool power, nice grip and perfect weight combination so you’ll have the full edge over your virtual and real online opponents.

Your task is very simple, just get a car, win so you’ll earn money and progress as a pro car racing driver.

Got tips on your newly installed kindle fire game and want to share with the rest of the readers here? Just give us a comment below. Again, if you don’t know how to download and install these games, just check out our how to steps above or send us an email so we can guide you all the way.

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