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There are many hi-tech gadgets available in the market today and people love using them because every product is the result of some innovative thinking. Some Hi-tech gadgets that have been released recently are like smart phones, digital microscope, USBs, Bluetooth watches etc. Most of the gadgets are electronics based, that are used in entertainment, games, or education purposes. Now let us see the latest gadgets like LBO Light Touch and BlueNext Bluetooth wireless headset.

The LBO Light Touch is the Pico projector which has infrared sensor which can project a touch sensitive display on any flat surface. This can give a simulation of a 10 inch touch screen with autofocus capability and multi touch support. Also this gadget is small in size just like a pocket camcorder and it is portable. This device comes with Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi connections with a storage capacity of 2GB and expandable storage up to 32GB using the micro SD memory cards. This device may be one of the hints for the futuristic technologies coming up for the mankind.

The BlueNext Company introduced its H&H-006 new kind of Bluetooth wireless headset that gives a high quality communication. H&H-006 device is classic and distinctive in design apart from other models designed by the same company. This device provides a long talk time of 13hours and standby time of 12 days and is compatible with almost all the PDAs and mobile phones. It also boasts the voice recognition technology activation on the mobile.

The features of this Bluetooth device are Bluetooth v2.0 with EDR, CSR BC4 chipset, rechargeable polymer battery. The operating range is 10 meters and supports both headset and hands free profile in mobiles. It weighs only 16grams and is charging time is 2.5 to 4 hours. Many new innovations and gadgets are coming up with the advancement of the technology.

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