Tomy Walkabout Classic Advance – Your Excellent Baby Monitor Gadget

Now you can leave your baby to sleep soundly with the Tomy Walkabout Classic Advance Baby Monitor. This brilliant baby monitor gadget lets you keep your ears open and talk instantly through the parent unit. Just hooked this gadget onto a belt and start monitoring them even to the quietest sounds on your special parent monitor.

Tomy Walkabout Classic Advance

Tomy Walkabout Classic Advance Baby Monitor features crystal clear 4 channels sound with privacy assurance and 2 way communication. It also comes with sound sensitive light display, sound activation and a remote controlled night light. The Tomy Baby Monitors have a 300 meter outdoor range and 50 meter indoor range. You can either plug the baby monitor into the mains or use a 3 x AA batteries in the parent unit and 4 x AA batteries in the baby unit.

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