TK-421 iPhone Case with Flip-out Keyboard – Ideal for Speed Typing and Browsing

 iPhone Case with Flip-out Keyboard

Looking for an additional superpower for your iPhone? No problem, here’s a perfect handy dandy iPhone case that comes with a Flip-out Keyboard that uniquely rotates out when you need it and flips back when you’re done typing. TK-421 iPhone Case with Flip-out Keyboard is ideal for speed typing and browsing and best of all, this iPhone Case with flip-out keyboard is completely wireless because it uses Bluetooth connection and not one of those old school dock connectors.

TK-421 iPhone Case with Flip-out Keyboard is powered by its integrated rechargeable battery and recharges using its included USB cable. Other features include hard precise keys and a magnet based clasp to keep the keyboard always in position even if it is flipped in or out. This case comes with 2 different models, one for 3GS and the other for iPhone 4. Check it out!

-$39.99 at thinkgeek

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