Thinking about buying a Smartphone? Make sure it’s from this list!

The last time I tried looking around for a smartphone to buy, I got very confused! The reason is that every day, lots of powerful smartphones are being churned out. The operating system wars going on have also made it worse as every one of the providers from RIM to APPLE is on a constant struggle to maintain market position or better what they have. The resultant effect is that we keep seeing gadgets that are every inch mind blowing. If you are trying to get a smartphone, ensure it’s from this list. In no particular order, here they are:

thinking of buying a smartphone

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Ray
The design of this phone is top notch. It is even made better by the 8 megapixel camera that comes with it. It also runs on the Google Android OS.

BlackBerry 9780
Arguably one of the best products ever made by RIM, this phone comes with all the standard features that we’ve come to know Blackberry with. Where it beats others of its ilk is the 5MP camera, stronger battery and overall sturdier look. If you want to organise your personal life and business, then you may want to look at this.

Sony XPERIA Play
This is one for core gamers. If you love your PlayStation games so much, then this is for you. It also runs on the Android platform.

BlackBerry 9900 Bold
This is one of the best business phones around at the moment. It has to be anyway because it is the blackberry flagship. It comes with all the RIM wares that we all know of and also packs the highest version of the BBOS. My only grouse with the phone is the touch screen, who needs that on a BB bold? That’s what the Touch range is meant for! My opinion anyways J

HTC Wildfire S
This is another top quality android device for android lovers. It has all the powerful android feature packed neatly in a powerful device, reasonably priced too.

Samsung Galaxy S2
This is the flagship phone from Samsung and it is very easy for one to see why the phone has gone on to become the best seller. The HD screen will captivate anyone!

Apple iPhone 4
Incredible design, slick hardware, 100, 000 apps to choose from, powerful retina display, need I say more? This is a revolutionary piece of fabrication from APPLE. If you get the chance of ever holding one in your palm, you may never drop it!

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  1. If I will go to buy then i will surely go for Samsung Galaxy S2. Its a nice one. Will check out other’s specifications too. nice list Peter.

  2. You’re right Atish, looks like we have the same taste when it comes to selecting a smartphone.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. @Atish + @Nhick : Hey guys, I just bought the samsung galaxy s2 a week ago and I must say it’s definitely worth every penny spent!

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