Thermal Leak Detector – Helps you cut energy bills by improving your air conditioned room’s insulation system

You want to improve your home’s cooling system? Try Thermal Leak Detector, a uniquely designed gadget that will help you monitor and discover leaky areas around your home so you can insulate the problematic spots properly.

With Thermal Leak Detector, now you can enjoy cool air without worrying about high electricity bills. Just seal any hidden leaks to your air conditioned room to stay cooler specially this summer plus you’ll even enjoy up to 20percent cut of your energy bills. Cool!

Thermal Leak Detector

Thermal Leak Detector

So what’s unique about this Thermal Leak Detector? Well, besides its easy to use functionality, you’ll even clearly read problematic spots right into its LCD screen so you can take actions right away. Just point and seal. Easy right?

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This leak detector can also be used for preventing engine overheating and coolant leaks or it can even be used to check your ref and freezer’s settings to improve its effectiveness.

This Thermal Leak Detector already comes with a step by step guide on how to properly insulate problematic areas properly, perfect if you don’t know how to effectively seal leaks to improve your home’s insulation system.

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  1. Yes it is Peter, sealing leaks the right way will definitely improve the air cooling and at the same time cut electricity too. 🙂

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