Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker – Your Programmable Stop And Serve Coffee Maker

Want a fresh coffee? Sure, here’s the best Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker that creates fresh taste and heady aroma. It uses a straight grind-to-brew system with integrated bean mill to pulverize beans only for the coffee you are about to drink, guaranteeing optimal freshness.

Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

The Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker’s “stop and serve” feature allows the carafe to be detached to pour a cup during brewing without dripping. It has an LCD and a six button control panel that allows you to effortlessly program the unit to 24 hours in advance, starting bean grinding and brewing at the exact time you desire. It also includes a charcoal filter for eliminating water impurities and a 2¾ wide opening for a trouble-free cleaning.

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