The Yuno Coffee Cup PC Concept

Guest posted by Jack

Dunkin Donuts Always Passes Its Polygraph Test

We all know that Dunkin Donuts doesn’t lie.  (It could improve its grammar though.)  And since this cool coffee and donut shop is truthful, we know that people like to drink coffee.  Now what if some company managed to combine a computer and a cup of coffee to form an extremely awesome gadget?  “It can’t be done!” you say.  Well, Yuno thinks otherwise.

Sounds Kind Of Like A Coffee Cup Shaped iPhone

The Yuno Coffee Cup PC concept, though just a concept, is not as unrealistic as you might think.  Sony has already developed basic bendable OLED screens which could theoretically be used in this design.  This cool gizmo is a full touch screen coffee cup that allows for basic wireless functions.

The Yuno Coffee Cup PC Concept is not meant for web surfing or just hanging around – who on earth wants to surf the web on a coffee cup?  Rather, it’s designed to keep you in touch when you’re on the go.  This cool gadget will allow you to check your email, look at stocks, and do small things of that nature.  The only problem I see is… doesn’t this just sound like an iPhone that can’t surf the web and is made in the shape of a coffee cup?  Despite the fact that an iPhone performs these same functions (and more), the Yuno Coffee Cup PC Concept is still a really cool idea that just might have a niche market!