The YouTube Video Vault – Now you can save YouTube videos without using storage space on a device

The YouTube Video Vault >>>>[SOURCE]<<<<is a uniquely designed flash drive capable of saving all your downloaded YouTube videos straight to this vault so you don’t lose storage space of your precious device.

This video vault works simply by plugging the flash drive to your latest gadgets like iPod, iPhone, iPad using its ultra fast connector and because it already includes an app where it enables the owner to see the content, watching them after downloading the videos from Facebook, YouTube or Instagram is now possible.

The YouTube Video Vault

The YouTube Video Vault

This matchbox size vault allows the owner to store downloaded videos of up to 2,120 minutes of high definition 1080p videos and it can even be used to make back up of your personal videos and even your personal photos.

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The YouTube Video Vault 1

The YouTube Video Vault is compatible with an operating system for mobile devices manufactured by Apple from version 9 or later and best of all, it allows the owner to add SD card perfect if you need more room to store all your precious videos without requiring extra space on your desktop.

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