The Yoda Table Lamp – A lamp designed to save one from the dark side

The Yoda Table Lamp [SOURCE] is a precisely detailed Yoda Lamp capable of illuminating a room complete with wisdom from the Jedi Master itself.

With its symbolic pose, imparting enough force to allow sleepers or even to those who are jst looking for a great addition to their room’s decoration, this lamp will surely capture Yoda fanatics as it imparts knowledge to every one.

The Yoda Table Lamp

The Yoda Table Lamp

Its textured cloth lampshade is enhanced with a golden lining which displays Yoda’s classic quote bisected by the Jedi Order logo are just some of the reason why this unique table lamp a great addition to your existing star wars collection.

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The Yoda Table Lamp is designed for wannabe Jedi Knights or even for padawans alike because it allows any owners to save one from the dark side, thanks to its included bulb together with its certificate of authenticity, saving your room from the dark side is now possible.

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