The Write Light – A uniquely designed pencil lamp

The Write Light >>>[VIDEO]<<< is a uniquely designed accent lamp capable of providing up to 220 lumens of bright light enough to brighten up a dark room and at the same time provide uniqueness to your existing room decoration.

This accent lamp is very sturdy because it is made of solid wood while its led lights located in its eraser are just perfect for lighting up almost any type of room because its emitted brightness is equivalent to an incandescent bulb of 25watt.

The Write Light

The Write Light

Its included cord on the other hand resembles a scribble emitted from the pencil’s tip where owners can easily arranged and even rearranged into different doodles or better yet, a string of longhand letters.

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The Write Light 1

The Write Light works simply by twisting the pencil to activate its on and off function, it even allows the owner to easily adjust the brightness simply by twisting the pencil back and forth. This device only measures 18.5×7.5×6.5 inches in height, width and diameter and only weighs 2.5lbs.

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