The World’s Smartest Food Scale – An analytical diet scale capable of providing complete nutritional information on an entire meal

The World’s Smartest Food Scale [SOURCE] is perfect for anyone who wants to know the complete information of the nutritional values of the meal before taking it, thanks to the smartest food scale’s analytical function, now you can monitor cholesterol and even sugar intake every time.

The World's Smartest Food Scale

The World’s Smartest Food Scale

This analytical diet scale works simply by connecting the scale via Bluetooth straight to your favorite iOS or Android gadgets partnered with free application where you can access all the records stored and even keep your diet data.

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The included application allows the owner to store up to 6 profile users and contains of up to 650k of nutritional values including grocery items of up to 210k and resto dishes of up to 100k. This smart food scale has tempered glass and contains 4 sectioned zones where owners can easily weigh different food independently.

The World’s Smartest Food Scale already includes 4 portion control plates and is powered using an included cable or using double-a type batteries.

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