The World’s Smallest Bluetooth Speaker [SOURCE] is a small yet powerful Bluetooth speaker small enough that owners can easily attach them to their favorite keychain.

Slightly larger than a casino die yet produces superb sound, this small speaker easily connects to an Android or iOS devices even at 30 feet away perfect if you want to listen to your favorite music or listen to your latest podcast without wearing earbuds.

World's Smallest Bluetooth Speaker

The World’s Smallest Bluetooth Speaker

The smallest bluetooth speaker has a magnetic backing so user’s can easily match to a toolbox or at your kitchen’s refrigerator plus it even comes with a micro-USB cable for easy charging.

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World's Smallest Bluetooth Speaker 1

The World’s Smallest Bluetooth Speaker is capable of providing clear and crisp sound for up to 3 hours with just a 45 minute charging and best of all, it also comes with 2 1-1/4 inch cu. speaker for stereo sound.

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