The World’s Lightest Packable Electric Guitar – provides clean and accurate sound anytime

The World’s Lightest Packable Electric Guitar is ideal for guitar fanatics out there who wants to have a light and compact acoustic acoustic or electric guitar yet capable of providing a unique and genuine sound and feel of a full-sized guitar at an affordable, stylish and extra-light design.

This lightest packable electric guitar only stands at 28 inches long but has a full-scale 24 and ¾ inches length guitar complete with 22 frets so guitar players can accurately position their fingers to play accurate chords without worrying about modifying their favorite guitar playing styles.

The Worlds Lightest Packable Electric Guitar

This electric guitar has a smooth body and neck that is carefully made using an Eastern American maple while its tuning pegs, included acoustic strings and other important parts such as adjustable truss rod, bridge and nut are all designed to complement today’s modern guitar playing.

Ready to be a rock star? Sure, just don’t forget to plug this electric guitar into a guitar amplifier, thanks to its cool acoustic piezo pickup, producing a clean and accurate sound can now be done anywhere anytime.

So what are you waiting for, start strapping this packable guitar now and when you’re done, just use the included carrying case for another town rockin!

-$399.95 at hammacher